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    宜興德標科技有限公司為您免費提供半導體清洗裝置(WET BENCH),光伏濕式清洗裝置及自動化,顯示器蝕刻設備等相關信息發布和資訊展示,敬請關注!
    酸堿排風系統   Acid-base exhaust system

    酸堿排風系統 Acid-base exhaust system

    發布時間:2022-5-18 10:59:14


    標簽:清洗設備,酸堿排風系統 Acid-base exhaust system,



    • 產品詳情

    酸堿排風系統:Acid-base exhaust system

    我公司生產的PVC、PP風管主要用于半導體工廠的制程排氣、實驗室化學反應產生的腐蝕性氣體收集排放(酸排風ACID EXHAUST SYS)、電子工廠焊錫車間廢氣,化工廠、電鍍車間生產過程酸、堿、及有毒有害氣體廢氣排放,PVCPP風管直徑小于400mm,可以使用工廠成品擠出成型管道,大于400以上的管道采用板材加熱或卷圓碰焊而成,我司擁有大型PPPE塑料板材卷圓折彎機械。

    Our PVC and PP air ducts are mainly used for the process exhaust of semiconductor factories, the collection and discharge of corrosive gases produced by chemical reactions in laboratories (acid exhaust air ACID EXHAUST SYS), the discharge of exhaust gas from solder workshops of electronic factories, and the discharge of waste gas from solder workshops of electronic factories, and the discharge of acid, alkali, toxic and harmful gases and waste gas in the production process of chemical plants and electroplating workshops. The diameter of PVCPP air duct is less than 400mm, which can be extruded from factory finished products; pipes larger than 400mm are made of sheet heating or coil butt-welding. We have large PPPE plastic sheet coil bending machine.

    Plastic air duct can be divided into flange connection and sleeve connection according to the connection mode, and there are two colors, gray and white. The quality of the sheet conforms to the national standards of GBT4454 of "Rigid PVC Laminated Sheet", GBT13520 of "Rigid PVC Extrusion Sheet", and GB12024-89 of "Modified Polypropylene Laminated Sheet".